About Us

My name is Gator Lanphear.
I started this brand as a way to pay homage to our beloved family piratedogs, Jolly Roger and Gunpowder Gertie.


They were the best family dogs. They were loving, loyal, and ready for fun.
However, since they were rescues, we had no real understanding of what they went through before we got them.

This made them unstable at times. Jolly Roger would lurch randomly at small children, and Gunpowder Gertie would bark at any other animal she saw. There was no rhyme or reason. Completely calm one second and then dangerous the next.
Whatever abuse or neglect our poor canines went through could not be undone by our love, training, and attention.
The realization that no matter how much training, or how many walks, or the kindness and love we gave to them would not change the cruelty they were shown as puppies was strongest when they killed our family cat, Ridley.
After living in denial for several months, we came to terms with our situation and had no alternative but euthanasia. It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make, but it was also the most honorable acts of love. We couldn’t surrender them to a shelter and risk someone else doing more damage. Nor could we live with a loaded gun.
We cannot ever imagine what horrors they survived to get to us, but we know, in all of our hearts, that we gave them the best life possible, even if it was for such a short time. They ate well every night. They cuddled on the sofa all the time. They even got ice cream during the hot summer nights.
They were the best dogs in the world for us.
We miss them every day. But we know we have them in our hearts.